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Deer image by Diana Parkhouse


Hunt for White-tailed Deer with Maine Registered Guides

Each week during hunting season, a limited number of hunters go big game hunting for white-tailed deer accompanied by our Maine Registered Guides. In the quest for a trophy buck, friendships are formed along with memories to last a lifetime. Join us.


Game Hunting


  • Stand Hunting

  • Stalking or Tracking

  • Archery or Rifle

LL&C Deer Hunting Photo Gallery

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Experience chasing elusive Maine whitetail giants the way it used to be done, deep in the north woods where the monarchs of whitetail deer live out of sight. They can achieve weights up to 200-300 lbs. with antler scores in the 150 range.

Your team of dedicated deer chasers guides hunters year after year, resulting in many wall hanger bucks that qualify for the coveted "Maine big buck patch," which, for whitetails is a dressed weight over 200 lbs. Our whitetail hunts are not for everyone. Together we'll track many miles in snow and spend hours stand hunting, dedicated to increase your chances of crossing paths with a trophy. It's what LL&C strives for.

In addition to the numerous hours Team LL&C puts in for scouting, we work with many loggers and foresters. Our connections with local logging operations gives you an advantage beyond having an extra set of eyes in the woods: they give us information on where to concentrate our efforts in finding trophy game, their work creates new generation growth habitat which deer think is candy, and they will help with game retrieval to roadside. 

What are your options for deer hunting? LL&C's stand hunting options are strategically placed based on wind conditions to give you the best possible opportunity to connect with a nice mature Maine buck. You can choose to hunt with a bow, rifle or, muzzleloader, depending on what week you hunt. There are also options to go on a fully-guided deer hunt or a semi-guided deer hunt where we point you in the direction of areas where deer have been seen, provide you with maps and GPS locations, but you hunt without a guide accompanying you.

We start the day with a hearty breakfast way before daylight, hunt hard in different areas, have a light lunch, and after an adrenaline rush of a day, return back to our cozy lodge to a wonderful home-cooked dinner by the fire. 


So gather up your wool clothing and your gum rubbers and join us on an old-school Maine adventure.

*Only deer with antlers at least 3" long may be taken from November 2 - December 14, 2024,except that antlerless deer may be taken in designated WMDs/subunits by hunters with Antlerless Deer Permits and expanded archery hunters with appropriate permits.

Please see Antlerless Deer Permits for more information.


LL&C offers spacious accommodations for the members of your hunting party during your 7-night/6-day hunting package in our lodge building, plus we have access to remote off-grid cabins in specialized hunting zones. Plan to arrive at the lodge mid-afternoon for check-in. You'll enjoy home-cooked meals throughout your stay. We like to welcome our hunters the night of their arrival with a Maine surf and turf dinner (lobster when it's available, steak or chicken and blueberry pie) while you get acquainted with your fellow hunters. Be sure to check out our Hall of Fame trophy wall in the lodge dining room. We make our boats and canoes available during non-hunting hours if you'd like to do some fishing.

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Hunting Packages & Pricing





  • 7-nights private lodging /      6-days hunting 

  • Daily home-cooked meals 

  • Personal Registered Maine Guide

  • Daily transportation to and from private leased hunting sites

  • Recovery of downed game

  • Proper care of game (skin, quarter, freeze for proper transit to taxidermist)

  • Use of all boats and canoes

  • 8x10 photo added to LL&C Hall of Fame after successful hunt

Not included: Hunting licenses, meat processing, taxidermy, gratuities, special requests requiring travel outside our local area




  • ​Archery (semi-guided)     $2,100.00 per hunter

  • Rifle (semi-guided)              $2,100 per hunter 

  • Rifle (guided)               $2,500.00 per hunter

  • Late muzzleloader          (semi-guided)                $2,000.00 per hunter                 

  • Late muzzleloader (guided)    $2,400.00 per hunter

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