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Caring Hearts Unite: Libby's Lodge & Canty's Holds Benefit to Support a Community Champion's Medical Journey

When Travis Libby learned his sister Sam experienced a health emergency, he organized a benefit to help with her medical expenses. All proceeds will support Samantha Landry's medical journey.

junior hunter and woman with a black bear
Samantha Landry with her son Jacob and his black bear

Always thinking of others

Samantha Landry devotes many hours to fundraising and events. She volunteers and donates food for various benefits. To describe his sister, Travis says, "She supports her family, our business, and would work beside any man and keep right up with them or work harder." Multiple posts on social media acknowledge her willingness to help anyone in need. She and her husband Jeremy also volunteer for the local fire department.

An emergency trip to the hospital

After a week of not feeling well, and at the insistence of her daughter, Samantha was taken to a Bangor hospital via ambulance where tests indicated congestive heart failure. A surgeon performed a cardiac heart catherization. It was determined that a stent was not needed, but confirmed muscle damage, possibly caused by a virus. Samantha is now back home to begin healing.

Libby's Lodge & Canty's holds a benefit

To help pay for Samantha Landry's medical expenses, Libby's Lodge & Canty's will hold a benefit.

Donations from local businesses include:

  • An all-inclusive Bear Hunt

  • Five 55-gallon Drums of Peanut Butter (Bear Bait)

  • Two-night Summer Rental with Trail Access for 2 Persons

  • $200 Gas Card

Watch the following video for details on how you can help defray Samantha Landry's medical expenses.


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