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Let Me Tell You a Little Story About a Blacksmith Named Will


man cooking fish over an open flame

Where it all began...

as told by Travis Libby

My grandfather, Harley Wallace Libby was a known avid outdoorsman, trapper and Maine guide. He spent many years guiding hunters out of Oxbow, Maine along the Aroostook River to their final destination, Bradford Camps. 

During his many years of guiding, he became friends with Jimmy Carter, the former owner of the Munsungan Hunting & Fishing Club. After Harley passed away, author Jack Ahern approached Jimmy for his input on a book he was writing to chronicle the history of Munsungan Lake. The book, no longer being published, is called "Bound for Munsungan." There are many stories about my grandfather Harley in this book.


My grandfather and grandmother, Dot, had eight children--five sons and three daughters. They resided in the town of Patten, Maine where my grandmother still lives today. The tradition of becoming a Mainer Master Guide was passed down the line to my father, David Libby, and uncles. They guided for many years at a few of the well-known sporting camps in our area: Katahdin Lodge, Driftwood Lodge and Bowlin Camps. 

The knowledge and expertise my family brought to these sporting camps kept clients coming back year after year. I decided to follow our family heritage and continue the legacy of the Libby family name after guiding for myself and others for ten years. With the support of my loving wife and three children, I enlisted the help of my dad, long time friends I consider my brothers, Jay Burpee, Matt Burpee and their boys to establish Libby's Lodge & Canty's. 

Having such an experienced and knowledgeable team who are also Northern Maine natives, gives our clients an advantage. Hunting, fishing and recreation is in our blood. We would love to share our passion for the Maine outdoors with you.


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