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As Maine's ATV season gets closer, we asked a frequent Libby's Lodge & Canty's guest what to expect on a guided ATV ride.

Ken McKenzie met Travis Libby at a Maine camp when he was about twelve years old. "Travis used to stack cordwood on the porches of the camps," recalled Ken. A period of time passed when Ken didn't go to Maine, but he and Travis stayed in touch. They were reunited when Travis took over as owner of the camp where he once worked.

Now Ken travels to Maine at least twice, sometimes three times a year. "Every time I go up, I'm treated to a five-star experience. Travis shows me places I forgot." Ken makes the six-hour drive from Massachusetts and will either bring his own ATV or rent one close by.

man riding an ATV
Ken McKenzie riding an ATV on the trails in Patten, Maine

What do you like about the trails in Patten?

"They're pretty well-marked and well-cared for. You can cover a lot of ground in a day and see a lot of different vistas and wildlife. There's places to eat along the way. It's pretty effortless when you go ATVing in Maine. Anything you don't know, Travis is there to help you out."

What are some of the memorable things that you've seen while you were out riding?

"The wildlife. We've seen black bear, we've seen cubs, deer, moose. It's a lot of fun to see those kinds of things, especially when you're coming from Massachusetts where you don't normally see them. It was kind of special to show my son the falls for the first time. Just the vistas alone, I mean, seeing Katahdin in the background, sometimes still snowcapped in early June. And the peace and quiet. You don't hear any traffic. You don't have people yelling and screaming, dogs barking. The peace and solitude are nice."

Hastings Falls

What advice would you give to someone who's never been to Maine who wanted to ride the trails?

"Obviously lodge with Travis. Like I said, he treats you five-star. He gives you world-class accommodations and food. You can bring your own ATV or rent one. Travis will take you out or get you going with a good trail map. If you go with Travis, he'll show you stuff that you would probably never see if you just went out on your own with a map. He knows the land like the back of his hand."

Would you recommend Libby's Lodge & Canty's for a group adventure?

"Yes. The last time we went up, I took a group of ten, maybe twelve people. We all stayed at the lodge, where it was one-stop shopping, so to speak. All the ATVs were right there, we were able to fuel up close by. The facilities are great, the food is great, and the vistas from camp are spectacular."

What else did you do in the area when you came up to ride ATVs?

"Most trails will bring you to a stream or close to a pond or lake. We bring all our fishing gear on the ATVs. Travis took us to some remote fishing spots to fish for trout. He'll put you right on the fish. Later, he cooked up a lunch right there alongside the water."

Two men cooking hotdogs over a fire
Lunch cooked streamside

Call 207-528-2485 to book a guided ATV ride on Patten's award-winning trails. See more with Specialized Maine Recreational Guides at Libby's Lodge & Canty's in Mt. Chase, ME.


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